U.S. Decision to withdraw troops from Syria is sensible

U.S. Decision to withdraw troops from Syria is sensible

简介:本文已发表在2019年10月24日美国宾州的日报The Morning Call 的读者意见栏

President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria is a sensible decision. American soldiers should only risk their lives to defend America’s interests, and whatever happens between Turkey and Kurds in Syria has no realistic potential to threaten the U.S. 

Many accuse Trump of abandoning our Kurdish allies. They forget that this alliance is only out of convenience. The main part of Kurdish Freedom Fighters is the YPG militia, which is affiliated with PKK. PKK is basically a Communist party and a designated terrorist organization by the U.S. government. Communists are always willing to say any beautiful things before they obtain power, but after they have power, they turn into tyrants who are against freedom, democracy and the U.S. Some Americans were enamored by Castro in Cuba and Mao in China before they came into power. Hope we have learned the lesson.

Americans are compassionate people. We care about others, and that is why the President wields economic sanctions to influence Turkey’s decisions. If sanctions happen, both sides will be hurt, either explicitly or implicitly. The U.S. is willing to take economic losses to help the Kurdish people, and that shows our heart.